Vehicle Hire Prices

Vehicle300 Miles Per Day
1 Day Rate Mon-Thursday & Before 10am Fri
300 Miles Per Day
1 Day Rate Sat, Sun & Fri after 10am
300 Miles Per Day
300 Miles Per Day
1000 Miles Per
Unlimited Mileage
1 Day Rate Mon-Thu & Before 10am Fri
Unlimited Mileage
1 Day Rate Sat, Sun & Fri after 10am
Unlimited Mileage
Unlimited Mileage
Unlimited Mileage
(SM) Supermini such as Toyota Aygo/Fiat 500£60.00£80.00£159.00£120.00£217.00£90.00£110.00£238.00£180.00£416.00
(S) Small car such as Clio/Corsa etc (Manual)£76.00£96.00£201.00£152.00£335.00£106.00£126.00£280.00£212.00£490.00
(S) N/A Currently - Small car such as Clio/Corsa (Auto)£87.00£107.00£230.00£174.00£384.00£117.00£137.00£309.00£234.00£541.00
(M) Vauxhall Astra/Hyundai I30 or similar size (Manual)£92.00£112.00£243.00£184.00£406.00£122.00£142.00£323.00£244.00£564.00
(M) Hyundai Bayon or similar small SUV/Est (Auto)£93.00£113.00£246.00£186.00£411.00£140.00£160.00£370.00£280.00£647.00
(M) Kia Niro or similar Mid size SUV/EST (Auto)£104.00£124.00£275.00£208.00£459.00£151.00£171.00£399.00£302.00£698.00
(L) Ford Kuga 4X4 or similar large SUV/Est(auto)£124.00£144.00£328.00£248.00£547.00£154.00£174.00£407.00£308.00£712.00
(PL) Merc CLA or similar
Ford Connect/Citroen Berlingo£82.00£102.00£171.00£164.00£315.00£112.00£132.00£296.00£224.00£518.00
Citroen Berlingo 5 seat van£93.00£113.00£246.00£186.00£411.00£123.00£143.00£325.00£246.00£569.00
Panel Van SWB low roof VW£93.00£113.00£246.00£186.00£411.00£123.00£143.00£325.00£246.00£569.00
Panel Van LWB High Roof£110.00£130.00£291.00£220.00£486.00£140.00£160.00£370.00£280.00£647.00
Merc Vito or Similar 6 seater van (Manual)£120.00£140.00£317.00£240.00£530.00£150.00£170.00£396.00£300.00£693.00
Marc Vito or Similar 6 seater van (Auto)£130.00£150.00£289.00£260.00£542.00£160.00£180.00£423.00£320.00£740.00
Jumbo Panel Van Xtra LWB High Roof£120.00£140.00£317.00£240.00£530.00£150.00£170.00£396.00£300.00£693.00
Supercube Low Loader Box Van£145.00£165.00£383.00£290.00£640.00£175.00£195.00£462.00£350.00£809.00
Transit/Sprinter/Boxer etc, Luton with Tail-lift£150.00£170.00£396.00£300.00£662.00£180.00£200.00£476.00£360.00£924.00
3.5t Tipper or Pick Up£125.00£145.00£330.00£250.00£512.00£155.00£175.00£410.00£310.00£717.00
Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux or similar 4X4 (Auto)£150.00£170.00£396.00£300.00£665.00£180.00£200.00£476.00£360.00£924.00
3.5t Car Transporter/Recovery Truck£150.00£170.00£393.75£300.00£685.00£181.50£202.00£480.00£363.00£843.75
9 seat Minibus (Auto)£160.00£180.00£423.00£320.00£706.00£190.00£210.00£502.00£380.00£878.00
Large Box Trailer Approx 5m3 750kg£60.00N/A£135.00N/A£194.00
Brian James Triaxle Car Trailer 3500kg£85.00N/A£167.00N/A£303.00
Phoenix Motorcycle Trailer 750kg£55.00N/A£115.00N/A£154.00

NOTE 1: Trailers may only be returned when someone is in attendance during working hours or at other times by strict appointment

NOTE 2: Trailer Hirer is responsible for all damage and loss including theft, taking out insurance is highly recommended

Excess miles at 20ppm for cars, vans, 30ppm for 4 X 4, Lutons, Minibuses & & crew vans, 30ppkm for trucks - all plus VAT. Unlimited mileage is + £28 per day

Insurance Excess is £750.00, Trailers are full liability, Mercedes Vito is £1,000.00

CDW Insurance reduces excess to £250.00 is £18.00 per day. Not available for vehicles over 3.5 ton, Minibuses of 9 seats and over, and Trailers

Vehicle condition deposit is £300, Minibuses & Trailers are £900. Non-UK Licence holders £1,000

Extra driver is £18.00 per day

Return fuel at same level as vehicle was taken out with. European hire is by quotation